Specials and Events

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  • The economy of Kodiak is built around commercial fishing industry, every March we host an industry show call Com-Fish
  • Whale Fest Kodiak is a weeklong event in April celebrating the return of the Gray whale to Alaskan waters
  • Kodiak King Salmon Derby starts mid-April thru mid-July. Grab your pole and be sure to buy your ticket.
  • Kodiak Crab Festival is at the end of May. The whole downtown becomes a party with carnival rides and wonderful food booths. Be sure to shop in the open air market with local artists selling their wares. Competitions include foot races up mountains, arm wrestling and the survival suit race. Teams jump into the water after putting on survival suits and swim to a raft. This race helps promote skill and safety for our fishermen.
  • Silver Salmon Derby is in August, try to catch the biggest one.
  • Pilgrimage to Monk’s Lagoon is also in August. Russian Orthodox believers pay tribute to Saint Herman who is buried on Spruce Island a short boat trip away.
  • September brings on our Kodiak State Fair and Rodeo, family fun and beautiful animals.
  • Throughout the summer you can go to the Farmer’s Market on the State Fair grounds.
  • Fall and early winter there are craft and holiday bazaars in several locations.
  • We finish our year with decorating boats in the harbor to give a very special shine on our little town.